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Pengu Translation

Hello everyone, sorry for the long delay. I finally get around to finished up the chapter and let Darknari editit. I promise Ensig I took over this novel until he return. If there anything that you guys noticed that is weird or wrong please comment, since I haven’t work on this novel long and Darknari haven’t read this nove yet.

TL: Pengu

ED: Darknari


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it is interesting that people tend to leave of things till the last minute. exams, projects work etc and etc even yours  truly has done it (hint Hint). i found some sites that deal with it.Or not.

what the…..

Some things i found whilst strolling the  video sphere that is you tube.

in everything that goes on in your life there should be  time for you to connect to yourself is needed.  however, it is not easily found or attained. i have fond that when and if you get it, certain things come into perspective. Probably not mind blowing or life  altering, but it gives you insight on what you came from,what you are right now and what may become of it in the future. most often, this time dos not come when wanted it but when it is needed.


when i read this all i can say is wow . really wow.

this one was really nice  a yin for the yang if you will


i have worked along time as an library assistant (6 years and counting)and it seems no more than yesterday that i came inti work  for the first time, wide eyed and new, aware of everything and anything. years pass but some how i seem to learn (and sometimes unlearn!!!) what i know. i think the best thing to have in this job is a sense of optimism, a whole lot of patience and bing cordial and friendly, even in the most expressible of circumstances.

one of the best quotes i  have found about playing any game is this and i’d like to share

”By the time you understand the rules of a complex game, you will no longer be able to explain those rules to anyone who does not already understand the game.” HoylesLaw (apocryphal attribution)

I was reading a book  called Cool maths by christy maganzini and it talked about music having vibrations and the solar system being a harmony of sound (Search for Pythagoras and Johannes Kepler).i used the information while browsing and this is what i found

It is cool very cool. i know also there was a YouTube page with the music/sound from various planets but i’m not to sure where it is. I’l  look for it later.the book itself is also a good read and has some puzzles especially the magic 9 puzzle AKA Nine every time. Here how it goes;

  • tell your friend to think of along number and write it down (e.g1652998765)
  • then tell your friend to rearrange the number anyway he or she likes back to front , inter change scrambled (5991678562)
  • then subtract the larger number from the smaller one (5991678562-1652998765=4338679797)
  • now they must add the sum of those numbers (4+3+3+8+6+7+9+7+9+7=63)
  • and after add the digits in the answer(6+3=9)
  • meanwhile do the rain dance, sing to the heavens go into a trance  and while  they are attempting the sum  tell them the final answer. do this with one or  many people but the answer is always nine.

Blogs i like

Sorry i didn’t have time to post anything new this week until now. its been hectic and all, putting up balloons in the library in time for valentine’s day.However now is the time and i’ll make the effort to blog.

here are some of the blog links that i have liked over this past week(OK today but it’s still the week and the day is not done yet!!!



This one i saw on the  site and read  just before  Mubarak’s stepping down from office. with the situation as it is in Egypt over the past few weeks and in the Arab nations in general, it may be a sign of things to come.CHANGE is not coming, it is here!!!

the second one i actually read in the newspapers this week before i saw it on a blog. it interested me because if these people can advocate for a new and reform., why can’t we?


Ts an avid newspaper it shocked and saddened me that a man such as Keith Smith passed away.Down to earth funny and holds no punches, he was a columnist that held your interest and never let go until you heard (or read) what he wrote. Mr. smith, we’ll miss you. More of  an article written by his  fellow  contemporaries than a blog  it is one many tributes to a good person and a great local newspaper columnist.


As an avid DS/DS lit/ DSi  user (due to Pokemon) i have to know my history and where  my console ancestors are from. For a lot of people hand held gaming began here with  bulky “Grey Brick” called the game boy!!!! Ahhh Good times. really good times.


this is a site i regularly blog on and read it’s articles. it is written by a Jamaican who loves  most things anime and japan. i think that it is a great site to look at and to find out what is going on in japan and Jamaica  and mecha. The guy likes his mecha.


why? cause it’s there!! i lost 6-7 minutes of my life to this loppy, fun infectious as hell song and clip. in case you didn’t know this is a clip from an anime series called Bleach (


need not ask why. Refer to number Five. (soon…. Very soon the 3DS power will be mine) if still ask why- I like Pokemon…


another one  read on the papers that i found a link to . the comments themselves are as interesting as the article that started it and  to put my two cents  i think that it should be mandatory for the armed forces to do this. Knowing the truth is  better than living a lie in this case.

Well thats all for now. tell me what you think about it and i’ll get back to you as soon as possible